Friday, July 10, 2009

Summer Lovin'

As I type this, I am turning into jelly. Seriously, this life of not doing much at all is taking its toll. Gone are the days when I survived on a diet of pure garbage and had nothing to show for it. Time's a-moving on and at 27, the weight has now started to stick in places that previously had a Teflon-like ability to deflect fat.

A few days ago I got it into my head that taking the dog for runs would a) help me get fit and b) stop the dog being such a total asshole all the time. This project was unsuccessful because it is too hot to do anything, I am by nature a completely lazy person and the dog is by nature an asshole, and laziness and assholiness are not properties easily conditioned out.

I have also never been a fan of gyms. All those fit people being fit are far too intimidating to me. It's much less embarrassing to cough and splutter after two minutes of running with only my dog as a witness than an entire gym.

Other projects that have gone to seed are waking up extra early and going to the beach for a refreshing swim. It's so hot in the city right now that there were news reports of families sleeping on the beach last night because of the heat. I don't particularly mind the heat, except being without a car means running errands becomes a lot harder in this heat.

Tomorrow I plan on going to the much media maligned Menandrou street to buy mangoes, but let's see if the heat cancels out my drive to eat mangoes. I don't get the media horror stories. I go to Menandrou street all the time all on my own and no one has ever bothered me there. In fact, I only ever tend to see the police kicking up a fuss down there. I feel more uncomfortable in the snooty shops of Kolonaki than I do in Menandrou.

On more refreshing and sweet smelling news, Greece is now 10 days into a smoking ban that I would never have believed if I wasn't witnessing myself. On Saturday I enjoyed my first smoke-free night out in Athens and it was wonderful. I hope people keep up the pace, because no matter how much people here hate being told what to do, smoking is not good for you and as lazy as I am, I object to being forced to inhale a substance that I do not willingly put inside my lungs. My decision to poison myself on alcohol on Saturday was entirely mine and mine alone.

Finally, don't forget to buy this Sunday's Kyriakatiki Eleftherotypia for a DVD of 4 Bollywood movies. Count 'em, FOUR! Get yourself down to Menandrou street, buy a box of mangoes and enjoy a Bollyfest of unseen proportions in Greece!

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Katerina said...


I feel like I should perhaps take off my lurker-mask, which ironically hasn't even been noticed yet because of the wonderful anonimity lurking provides. But I assure you, this is not the stalkerish kind of lurking. I just wanted to say, I found your blog a while ago and have so enjoyed reading it. Despite being raised in Athens, family related reasons brought me to the UK at the wee age of 6, and now as I am rolling into the first few weeks of my gap year, I'm itching to spend some months in Greece. Unfortunately, first I need to find some drone-esque retail work (damn recession) before that, but whilst I am [im]patiently waiting to go spend some time in Marousi with my family, I just wanted you to know that I adore reading your blog in the transition between my hope being distant hazy plan, and my hope being a reality. Your wonderful anecdotes on the varying aspects of the Greek life (and sometimes Asian) make for a comforting substitute of not actually being there (yet!).

I tip my bonnet in salutation to you, and hope you don't mind my lurking.

Happy Greeceing!

(Oh, and, please excuse my waffling, it's one of the things my teachers have been pestering me about for years and I still can't stop it when I write. Due to excessive waffling it would be preferable that you don't make this post public!)