Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Greek Tragedies

The following conversation took place in Greek:

Me: It would be nice to be able to wear those big sunglasses. Everyone looks good in those, it's hard not to look good in those!

Friend: Couldn't they make you a prescription pair?

Me: No, they'd apparently weigh too much because of the size of the lenses. But no big deal. On my next trip to the UK I'm going to see my eye doctor and get lentils for my eyes.

Friend: ...(looking blank)

Me: You know, lentils! You put them in your eyes and then you don't wear glasses? Come on! Your husband wears them too!

Friend: You mean lenses (φακόυς) not lentils (φακές)


Brionna said...

I love it! One time, just as I was beginning to learn Greek, I was telling a guy that I had been studying it for 3 weeks, but instead told him three 70 (εβδομάδα vs. εβδομήντα). He just looked confused, smiled and left. Took me a bit to realize what I had said. =)

Anonymous said...

that is just too hilarious, thanks for the chuckle lol

bollybutton said...

if i could invent lentils that cured poor eyesight, imagine how rich i would be...

Sesi said...

Rich enough to cast all beauticians/torturers away to a far far away island.

Ashley said...

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