Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Back on the Other Side

Well my sheepish silence probably tells you I never did make it to Exarcheia, because at the last minute family from England decided to spend Christmas with me and everything passed in a blur of shopping and eating.

But I'm still thinking about the Episodes, as they're referred to. What have I observed on repeat visits to the city centre, Omonia and Athinas street? Total normality, people just going about their day to day business. All of this makes me feel that the media have hyped things up to hysterical proportions, thus scaring the local population into staying away from the city centre and resulting in businesses losing money because of the media, not because of actual events.

Coverage has died off somewhat only to be rekindled by the shooting of a policeman a few days back who is now in hospital recovering. Where events will go from here is anyone's guess.

As I come into this fresh new year, my third year in Athens, there is a lot to reflect upon and a lot to be hopeful for. My aims for this year are to learn how to play the lyra and take up the tango. These aside, things I have to do are study for and get a financial qualification that would make my job less of a confusing blur and try not to get fired, both of with will require every ounce of my will power.

I also have to find a beachside venue (bar/scrap of beach/beach house) to book for a late August, early September beach wedding party. Anyone know anybody who lives on the beach and would let me rent their house for a night or two?

I'm not worried about Athens. This is a spontaneous city and whatever happens, we'll take it in our stride. What I don't want to see is the momentum of the protests fade away and have all been for nothing.


Hope said...

That is my biggest fear too.

P.S Is this for your wedding venue? I've been to a couple of weddings in Vouliagmeni and further out. What are looking for exactly?

bollybutton said...

Hope, yes it is! But it's not a wedding in a traditional sense, we're just going to veg out on a beach somewhere, a couple of tables and chairs, paper cups, lambs on a spit, that kind of thing. None of this fancy shmansy table settings with names etc. We just want to have fun (on a budget, ahem!). Know anywhere good?

stassa said...

Xronia polla! Kali Xronia! Whatever you do, don't go near Exarcheia until the cops cool down, I hear they've gone berserk over the shooting of their guy (and I don't blame them, it was a murder attempt, clean and clear).

We'll see about the momentum. But those feelings never really go away, for Greeks. They're handed down from generation to generation. Unfortunately, that may mean they never amount to anything... we'll see... take care!