Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny

We went to Agistri this weekend, a small island about an hour by ferry from Pireaus. It was the first time I took to the water with gusto. Not a hint of fear or mental preparation, in fact while Mr Zeus was complaining about the asset shrinking properties of the water, I has already waded out neck deep. God bless the extra 1 or 2 kilos I put on since last summer. My butt cheeks act like flotation devices now. It's wonderful. Swiming is fun when you don't have to feel like a stick being dragged under the currents.

It made me think about how dizzyingly far I've come in the last four years. Four years ago I couldn't swim and was terrified of the sea. I also wouldn't hear of going in public in a bikini. When the issue of a summer by the sea came up, I said I had to go shopping to get a bathing suit.

Mr Zeus: "You mean a bikini."

Me: "Ha! In the next life maybe. There is no way I'm showing my body on the beach like that."

"But everyone wears a bikini here, even the haggy old ladies who you wish wouldn't wear them."

"So what. I have my values. I'm not wearing a bikini"

And so on and so forth, toing and froing until finally I agreed.

"Okay. I will buy a bikini."


"But only on the condition that there's no one else on the beach when I wear it."

"!!! Where am I supposed to find an empty beach in the summer just for you?"

"That's not my problem."

Anyway, Mr Zeus wouldn't tolerate my shenanigans and dragged me off to the beach where I soon realised how conceited it was of me to think that I would peel off my clothes and the whole beach would come to a standstill and point at me, "Bollybutton is wearing a bikini!!! For shame! For shame! Don't look, little Jimmy, her heathen skin will turn you to stone!" When I realised no one was watching my every move and also that without my glasses I couldn't see them even if they were, it didn't seem all that terrible.

Over four years the trousers have turned into capri pants and then to shorts. Shirts turned into T-shirts and then to vests. Gypsy skirts that brushed my ankles crept up and over my knees. One begrudgingly bought bikini turned into four.

And I learnt that it's not a sin to enjoy the sun and sea on your skin.


Anonymous said...

You need to back up this story with a picture of Bollybutton in her bikini!!!


Sesi said...

Oooh yes the cultural differences. You not need worry about beach appearances, if I appear on the beach in bikini so can you.
Noone will bother, except maybe for the exotic part of your existance. But noone will comment (not even in their minds) if you have celluloide on your thigh, or forgot to shave off a hair here or there, unless you appear as the Fanta commercial!
Generally, you do not need to worry about appearances, unless you wear a white linen pair of trousers with a black pair of panties..And I'm sure you wont!

smaro said...

well done! I felt the same and of course, the beach didn't stop swimming and playing to gawk at the milk white girl with some cellulite in a bikini! I also had to get over my hang up that me, lycra and swimsuit don't make for a good combination.

I too ended up with 4 bikinis for a 3 week holiday in they are languishing in my back of my wardrobe :-(

Rositta said...

I just bought the first bikini I have owned in 30 years but I'm putting this 60 year old body in it when I go to Greece. From what I saw there last summer I have nothing to worry about. I'm sure your a fair bit younger than me so wear it well, enjoy the time in the sun...ciao

EllasDevil said...

Er... I agree with anonymous. Where is this bikiki pic.

It's essential to this story that we have the visual image to back it up!



AL said...

I went to agistri yesterday!
It was a surprise day trip, planned by my SO and another couple.
I wore the same bikini i had 2 summers ago. Gues its time for shopping!