Thursday, May 17, 2007

Eat sushi, not Men

On Monday it was mine and Sarbel’s birthday so we met up and discussed the finer points of his Eurovision performance on Saturday. Just kidding, though it was both our birthdays on the 14th.

Monday was my first Athens-based birthday ever, and it was great. Mr Zeus showered me with a huge bouquet of flowers and giant chocolate cake and took me downtown for some yummy sushi at Furin Kazan in Syntagma. Good Japanese food at prices that won’t bankrupt you.

I’ve noticed that whenever I go out with Mr Zeus, there are women who blatantly and shamelessly flirt with and make eyes at him. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of light-hearted flirting, we all do it, it makes us smile. But I find it the height of bad manners to act so coquettish and provocative when I am very clearly on a date with the man. They act like I’m not even there and it’s open season on trying to bag a catch.

Mr Zeus was mimicking their flirtatious gestures and tone of voice later on and I asked, “Why do they do that, do they like the challenge or something?”
“They don’t like the challenge. They LOVE the challenge,” he replied.

This has happened plenty of times before, but I guess that it happening on my birthday finally tipped my opinion over from “I don’t care” to “Actually, that’s not very nice”

To the ladies who keep doing that, you may be very pretty and have perfect hair and toenails, but learn some manners and show some respect. The good karma might pay you back one day. (I’m being polite, as you can see, but what I really want to say is; BACK OFF, BITCHES! FIND YOUR OWN!)

Further dampening my summer joy is the news that even though I think I have been making a supreme effort to speak more Greek since I dropped the Hellenic American Union classes, Mr Zeus out of the blue said last night that I’ve stopped trying to speak Greek and that when I do speak my Greek has got worse.

Boohoo! Must try harder.


deviousdiva said...


And don't worry about the language. You are making a supreme effort, much more than many do, and I believe it's the effort, not the talent, that counts. I once know someone who spoke pretty good Greek in 6 months. Then I found out she spoke about 250 other languages (I exagerate but you know what I mean!)

Come to my chat one of these days. I'd love to meet you even if only virtually. I have one later today if you are free?!

Happy birthday again. Enjoy for as long as possible!

Anonymous said...

Happy Burthday!
And SOOOO funny and true!

Beat down time!


Anonymous said...

Greetings, I've been following your blog for about 5 months now and find it to be a pleasant read. I'll be moving to Greece in a year; do you have any recommendations for language study materials/software?


CaliforniaKat said...

That isn't the best place for Japanese food, but the good places cost 4 times as much.

Hope you and Sarbel had a lovely time ;)

Anonymous said...


Happy Birthday to you! I hope you had a fantastic time!

I'm afraid that I'll have to give the whole notion of running around in a sari in the rain a miss... you know, what will my neighbors say?


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday dear.

The experience you had abt the open flirting is one that i've experience there too.... alas the only thing worse than that is what happens is that when ordering food ect... sometimes people dont even make eye contact and address my man instead of me even when i'm the one talking. that infuriates me more... HELLO??!! I"M RIFGHT HERE>>>!!