Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Yia Sou Sugar!

A bit late of me to report on this, but my very own Sarbel is going to be flying the flag for Greece at Eurovision 2007. Being somewhat of an expert on Eurovision winability, I am sorry to say that the song, 'Yia Sou Maria' doesn't have the necessary elements to win it. I mean, Elena Paparizou had a bunch of male dancers in tight tops who lay down and formed the number 1 with their bodies. That's Eurovision magic! 'Yia Sou Maria' is just not.... camp enough?

Who really cares though. Some people (men) aren't too crazy about Sarbel's song winning the nationwide who-shall-we-send-to-Eurovision competition, but that's just because they're jealous. As long as I get to cheer on my twin (recap: born same day, same month, same year as moi) I don't mind if he sings Baa Baa Blacksheep. Mr Zeus is not at all impressed with the half-Cypriot, half-Lebanese chocolate muffin, so I am considerate lately and resist my urge to swoon when he's on TV.

I kind of wish he had submitted his flagship song 'Sokolata' for the competition, but sadly he didn't ask me for my opinion. That song plus a pinch of Bollywood spice, and Eurovictory would have been Greece's!

Image: http://www.arionvraveia.gr/html/nomine/popups/2005/sarbel1.jpg


Anca said...

Hello there....I am from Romania. What I can really say is that Sarbel's song has what it takes for a song to win. I mean the way he interprets it says it all. He shows happiness, great mood and dance moves....the song is pretty catchy as well:) So i am keeping my fingers crossed for him:)
Btw, i like your blog:)

Javier said...

Haha, well I'm a guy and I actually like Sarbel, he reminds me of me XD.. We have the same body and hair and I really like his clothes haha