Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Since last summer the flat I'm staying in has been suffering a plague of small moths. Once, we went away just for a weekend and came back to find the air thick with the little creeps.

I invented my own pest control by using the Dirt Devil to hoover up any offending creatures, but as of late their numbers seem to be growing. Just now I was enjoying a nice cup of tea with a packet of Hob Nobs. I love Hob Nobs, with their comforting oaty goodness...

What do I find? Little stringy trails of moth silk across my HOB NOBS!! NOO!!!!! Is nothing sacred?! Eat what you want by the Hob Nobs are off limits you winged spawn of the devil!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Summer in Greece

Last summer, I drew your attention to one singer called Arash, who got zero marks for fashion but full marks for effort and his naff song Boro Boro. Arash has since grown up and now makes swish videos, smooth songs and has gaggles of babes around him, making one think "Boy done good."

But lest we worry about what happened to the cheese shaped hole left behind by the now grown-up Arash, I bring you a song called Summer in Greece by George Mazonakis, with truly terrible lyrics like:

I like your country very much
I like the way you people touch

Surrender to your victory
I like your country's history

What the HELL??!! I knew Greek pop has its blonde moments, but this song is so bad I get nausea every time I hear it.

Today's entry is also dedicated to the other things about Athens that get on my nerves, just for the sake of balance because generally I quite like it here:
  1. Post offices and banks closing at 2:00 in the afternoon, boo!
  2. Parcels not being delivered to your door and you having to go get them from the post office before 2.00.
  3. Taxi drivers
  4. Footpaths which are barely big enough to walk on
  5. People who park on said footpaths forcing you to walk in the road, where you could be hit by afore mentioned taxi drivers
  6. Scary Greek women who present the news done up like glamour models
  7. Greasy Greek boys who whistle and make kissing noises
  8. Greek disregard for any sort of authority (this is a country of egocentrics)
  9. Mysterious lack of fresh coriander - the seeds are easy enough to come by
  10. Enthusiastically renting the latest foreign cinema offering to discover there is only one subtitle option - Greek