Tuesday, August 09, 2005

For God's sake, where is the frappe!!

I just got back after spending 17 days in Spain with three Greeks. The thing which I learnt is never to separate a Greek from their frappe. Bless their little hearts, necessity really is the mother of all inventions. Here's what to do if you find yourself caught out without an ample supply of cafes where skinny waitresses can serve you endless frappes:

  1. 1) Locate your nearest coffee shop
  2. 2) Have ready with you an empty water bottle. If you don't, buy a water bottle and tip its contents down a drain
  3. 3) Through elaborate sign language, acquire one glass, a few sachets of sugar, a few sachets of coffee, a straw, a glass of ice water and a little milk (optional)
  4. 4) Pour sugar, coffee and a little water into the empty water bottle you have prepared.
  5. 5) Shake bottle vigorously until you have a creamy light brown concoction
  6. 6) Pour mixture into empty glass
  7. 7) Top up with ice water, a little milk and a straw
  8. 8) Enjoy
  9. 9) Compliment your invention loudly so that the Spanish get an idea of what they're missing

10) Complain to each other about how bad the coffee is outside Greece

Ten out of ten for getting around the problem. Oh, and as good as Spain was, I agree that Greek olives are head and shoulders above theirs.

Image: http://www.frappe.cz/images/firma.jpg

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