Friday, September 29, 2006

Winter in Athens

Well okay, not quite, but getting there. I've been coming to Athens on and off and for two years after deciding to settle here in June this year, so this is going to be the first time I have watched the season changed in the city.

As all Athenians know, we have been experiencing some pretty dramatic weather lately, monsoon style rains and thunderstorms. Why, it's like being back in the Homeland, all I need now is a wet sari. Very nice, we drove up to a bar with one side made of glass and watched the lightening fall a few nights ago. I can't remember the name of the bar, and I wouldn't tell even if I could, since it was great having it all to ourselves while it pelted it down outside.

In my absence from writing I have had a shock to discover that my blog has become strangely popular (sort of) and even more surprised that people are saying nasty things to me like leave Athens if you don't like it. Now now children, if you read the whole blog you'd know that isn't the case, and besides, since I've heard far worse things said by Greeks I think I can safely say that Greece, like any other country has good points as well as bad. I admit that missing my family can at times wear down my patience with living here, but if this blog was only about how wonderful Greece is then you wouldn't have left your comments, would you. Got you there!

On the plus side, I think irritating cold callers will soon completely stop bothering us, because since I work from home, the average once a day junk call gets the following response (in Greek, with names changed naturally)

Me: Hello?
Caller: Kalimera
Me: Kalimera
Caller: Is Mr Zeus there?
Me: No he isn't here right now, sorry.
Caller: Are you Mrs Zeus?
Me: No I'm not
Caller: Is there a Mrs Zeus?
Me: No I'm afraid not. Mr Zeus gets back at 6:30
Caller: Thank you I'll call back then, kalo misimeri
Me: Episis.

Or variations on the above. Sometimes they start asking me questions and I have to come clean that that's the extent of my Greek.